The journey of learning has been a somewhat fascinating one.

There are of course lots of disappointments that I encounter in my life, that I feel strongly through education and continuous improvement has made me who I am. I’m constantly hungry for new knowledge or something that I can chance upon to make myself better. So in this post, I want to emphasize a few main points that has helped me improve. Because I believe education doesn’t just stop at your diploma/degree/masters/PHD, it’s always moving.

And after I read the post on how people are struggling to get a job like I had experienced before, my word of advice is never give up. Life is like a constant race, where you just have to know when to pause and stop for a while, when to sprint to your maximum capability. START moving again, because you’ll never regret it.

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  • Stop for a moment, because you need to breathe.
  • Think about the possibilities you can provide to your future employers
  • Anticipate the market and blend in
  • Reflect on your skills/knowledge you possess
  • Train yourself to be better.

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