Learning Journey of my Multimedia Project

To make things simple, let’s do it through a flipsnack, a magazine capable of showing you so much more! It started off on a day where I was late for class on my first lesson, travelling from work to school. The first lesson felt very tense, the session felt daunting and expectations were high. Questions […]

Reflecting a learning experience

Think about the last time you tried to recall and tell someone about your travel experience, really providing the details to your friends/colleagues or someone. All you wanted was to tell the person how much you enjoyed it. Was it really difficult? What aspects did you recall that you were able to tell someone. When […]

A blend of Thinglink and comics

As educators, we always ponder how to make classroom learning more engaging and fun for our students. As for me, it’s all about working offline to engage them in their own time, harnessing technology to propel self-directed learning. I want to make learners more curious about the contents that surround them, and give educators perspective […]

Designing for rich media content

Use a variety of media rich contents A variety of media rich content including pictures, quizzes, videos and other interactive medium provides learners with more opportunities to engage with the content. You can consider simple ones such as Prezi to present a concept for self-directed learning. This offers learners an opportunity to engage learning contents on […]